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In the first three years of my first four-year term as Supervisor for District 3 in Calaveras County, I am engaged in several areas regarding the welfare and the prosperity of Calaveras county. Those areas include the County budget, crime in  the entire County and specifically in District 3, the business community, the building industry, the general plan update, our youth opportunities, our tourism and more importantly, the recent involvement of the regulation of cannabis and recreational use allowed by the state effective this year.

Not only have I served as the District 3 Supervisor, I was the chairperson of the Board of Supervisors for 2017. I represented Calaveras County and will continue to do so on a variety of committees (14 to be exact) involving national and state representation of Calaveras County and other associated committees. I am very instrumental in producing assistance for our County and it's residents in tree mortality issues. The three years I have served thus far has not been without crisis.

It started with the Butte Fire, losing our Sheriff in office due to health problems, the tree mortality issues, the devastating storm issues of January 2017 and the fortifying of our public safety services for the County in both law enforcement and fire protection.

To continue our work, I need to remain as the District Supervisor for District 3 for the next four-year term. I will be covering issues that will be addressed in the issues page of this website. Thank you for taking the time to view this information and I gratefully request your vote for the ability to finish the job.

Committee to Elect Michael Oliveira FPPC#1400869
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