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Public Safety Issues

I’m very pleased that during my term we have been successful in increasing our law enforcement presence and now have a substantial number of additional Deputies on the street and Crime is down in District 3. 

Marijuana Issue

Of the five members of the then Board of Supervisors, I was the only dissenting vote for the acceptance of the Urgency Ordinance due to what I perceived to be the lack of protections for all concerned.

Unexpectedly, the Marijuana Cultivation issue got out of hand immediately with a record number of cultivation applications (exceeding 700) applications submitted to our Planning Department within days.

Tree Mortality Issue

Calaveras County was one of 14 mountain Counties drastically affected by the bark beetle invasion and the inherent circumstances, which led to the dying of these species of trees. This became such a problem after hundreds of thousands of trees suddenly died in the California area, specifically in the rural mountain communities, that a governor’s task force regarding tree mortality was formed.

General Plan

Issues of concern involve the simplification of the general plan and removal of Planned Development in the Arnold and Avery areas, with a close examination of the communities in District 3 and the entire County of Calaveras.

Storm Damage and Infrastructure Issues

In the aftermath of the Butte Fire specifically in District 2 (West Point Mountain Ranch areas) our road infrastructure was already severely damaged by the fire and the resulting activity and restoration. Add to that damaged and deteriorating road infrastructure

Youth and Career Issues

For the last 3+ years I have been involved with a group of people including School Superintendents, labor organizations and business owners establishing a Technical Training program for the young folks who will not be able to attend higher college education after high school.

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