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Marijuana Issue

Of the five members of the then Board of Supervisors, I was the only dissenting vote for the acceptance of the Urgency Ordinance due to what I perceived to be the lack of protections for all concerned.

Unexpectedly, the Marijuana Cultivation issue got out of hand immediately with a record number of cultivation applications (exceeding 700) applications submitted to our Planning Department within days. Since that time, Calaveras County has been playing second fiddle to any type of selective accurate enforcement, and has suffered not only economically,  but effectively has reduced the County’s ability to conduct day to day business to the various departments within the County.

After a new board had been seated with 4 of the 5 seats occupied by new Supervisors, we now have a marijuana cultivation ban currently in place. Regardless of my personal feelings regarding Marijuana, post Ban it is obvious that the County can’t financially deal with the Ban and enforcement of illegal cultivation sites with the County’s current financial situation.

I have made multiple attempts to convince my fellow Supervisors that the only way to decide the Cannabis issue is by a vote of the people. Until that time comes I suspect the Cannabis issue will create a ‘revolving door’ in each election cycle replacing Supervisors based on Cannabis.

Committee to Elect Michael Oliveira FPPC#1400869
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