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Michael Oliveira is an honest, hardworking man of integrity. He can be relied on to put the interest of his community and constituents as the focus of his duties as Calaveras County Supervisor, District 3. — Gordon Borges

As an active member of Michael's previous campaign, I would like to again endorse him for the job of Supervisor of District 3. I have the utmost respect for the job Michael has done during some difficult times in our county, and believe that given the chance, he will continue with his efforts to make District 3 the best it can be. — Pam Bowman

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— Central Labor Council of San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties

I strongly support Mike Oliveira in his campaign for re-election for Supervisor for District 3. He returns phone calls and makes himself available when needed. He sits on 14 different County and State committees and is knowledgeable about the issues confronting us. I admire a man who tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat the facts. He has earned my vote! — Jon Dashner

Michael Oliveira is the best candidate representing our District 3.  He has worked tirelessly and honestly with a common-sense approach on the many unique issues our community faces.  His proven track record deserves our vote for a second term.  He is always accessible and is a man of integrity and honor.  Thank you Supervisor Oliveira. — Marsha Fagnani

Date: Jun 16, 2018 11:27 AM
Subject: Thank you
To: "Michael C. Oliveira" <>

To Mr. Oliveira   On behalf of the Williams  Wyldwood neighborhood watch, I thank you for coming to our meeting on 6-14-2018. Your "after working hours" attendance was very appreciated    The feed back i have received so far has all been positive - your community involvement is duly noted  Sandra Kraft /captain Calaveras County Sheriff Department, Volunteer Detail

— Sandra Kraft

Lets keep quality county supervisors like you, who can keep their head on straight and can honestly win an election. Someone who has integrity and shows professionalism that cares more about the people than themselves and their own personal gain. HANDS DOWN YOUR THE MAN FOR THE JOB!!!Add your endorsement here

— Jodi Lorenz

Voting for the one who can and has provided your Community with the service you deserve should be your civic duty. We think vote for Michael is a vote for leadership! His record for decades proves Him a service minded individual… As a former Marine and a former police officer, nothing says loyalty, leadership and honor better than his actions! We find actions to be the unquestionable truth!! So we’re both voting from Michael, would never have it any other way!! We hope you can also see the importance of Community in Unity Standing together for the sustainability of our beloved District!!Add your endorsement here

— Cynthia Lunge

Have known Mike since the early 1970s, when we worked in local law enforcement. As a homeowner in Arnold, I have appreciated MIke's commitment to the position of Supervisor. He walks his talk and strives to get the job done and seeks no applause for the effort. I would encourage you to vote for Mike as I will. — Robert Maginnis

Mike. You have done a great job as our Supervisor over the last few years. The rains and floods last winter, plus the bark beetle invasion would have have put the average guy totally out of the game, but you persevered and have made a great difference for all of us. Best wishes on your reelection campaign. — Michael McAtee

Dear Supervisor Oliveira,
You are the best person on the board. Our family admires you
So much. We believe the decision regarding cannabis should  go to the voters of our County. Thank you for all your
Wisdom, intelligence and integrity.
Lizbeth Miller

— Lizbeth Miller

Mike cares about our community as evidenced by his establishment of the Calaveras Technical Education Program for the youth of Calaveras County, the reactivation of TOT tax talks to bring money into our County from visitors, the completion of the Blagen Road Bridge project, several new businesses established in District 3, continued collaboration on tree mortality and recovery and increased Public Safety staffing. I am confident that Mike will continue to work hard for us. Integrity and Honesty: That's what Mike stands for! — Laura Shulenberger

Jennifer K. Smith I was thinking the same thing and I’m glad that Lizbeth put “pen to paper”. You’ve been a great example of what we should expect from our representatives. You listen, you lead, and you educate yourself so that you can make the best decisions for OUR COUNTY. 

Your Town Hall last night was appreciated and informative in front of a packed house and after such a rattling few days.

Thank you for continuing to serve OUR COUNTY.

— Jennifer Smith

— US Congressman Tom McClintock

Mike is a leader, leading by example, for all of his constituents. With decades of law enforcement experience he has street knowledge allowing him to not get rattled by noise. Chairing the BOS in 2017 is deserving of your support and so much more. — Mark Unterbach

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